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Published July 26 2012

Allan Bakkerud’s letter to court

Allan Bakkerud, 55, was one of three DUI offenders given the opportunity to attend the funeral of the Deutscher family in lieu of more time in jail. Bakkerud attended the funeral, and wrote a letter to the court as proof of attendance.

The letter, dated July 13, reads in full:

To the court.

I went and attended the funerals for the Deutscher family on Thursday. The grief I seen was heartbreaking how so many people died in a split second when a impaired driver took there lives in such a horrible way. It made me sick to my stomach 4 lives were taken when they had a lifetime they never got.

All the people at the funeral were affected by the loss of all these lives.

In all the years I’ve had I thank God this never happen to me, taking a life of another person or family when I’ve driven when I’ve drank. The guilt somebody would have to live with would be horrible, I’d have a hard time living with myself.

That funeral really made me look at how serious this could change so many lives in a split second.

Alcohol and driving don’t mix.