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Kevin Schumacher, Felton, Minn., Published July 25 2012

Forum should get out of the 1960s

I would like to ask The Forum to re-examine its current policy on publishing wedding or engagement announcements. I note that you regularly publish divorce records, presumably of heterosexual couples dissolving their relationships, appropriately printed in the news section instead of the Celebrations section. Sad for them.

You also publish bankruptcy announcements, again not a celebration, and appropriately so. Sad for them also.

That two homosexual individuals might have a celebration seems to me like something to note within the Celebrations section. After all, they are not getting divorced or declaring bankruptcy, so what is the issue that bans the announcement?

The editor implied recently that the ban is consistent with state law, but that truly belongs in the Opinion section, as there is no law whatsoever against publishing an announcement, no matter which part of the paper it is printed in. Move past the 1960s, Forum, and have the courage to separate ideology from journalism.