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Aaron Saunders , Published July 22 2012

Haar family has left its mark all over NDHP

Fargo - Several families entered the gates of North Dakota Horse Park on Sunday afternoon for the season finale. But few had cornered the racing market like the Haar family.

In the press box announcing the races was the patriarch, Bubby, while his wife, Lana, was working the camera. On the track was their son Nathan and in the stables their son Robert and daughter Amanda. The family has been involved in racing since 1994 when Bubby started announcing races in his hometown of Aberdeen, S.D.

“It started with my dad announcing horse races at Aberdeen and then we kind of grew from there,” said Robert Haar, who has been training horses since 2010, but admits it’s a team effort. “My sister Amanda and my girlfriend, Lorrie, do a lot of the work, they groom and they brush the horse.”

The 23-year-old Robert Haar had five horses racing Sunday afternoon in North Dakota and one running in Omaha, Neb.

“The first job of a trainer is to always take care of the horse,” he said. “The second job is to make money for your owner and yourself.”

In the fourth race Sunday, Robert teamed up with his little brother Nathan, who guided 9-year-old Rapid Jack to a track record three-length victory with a time of 1 minute, 6 seconds in a 5½-furlong thoroughbred claiming race.

“The Fargo track is a lot bigger than the tracks I have been riding at,” Nathan Haar said, “so here my main goal is try to save as much as I can and not ask my horse too soon to make its move.”

Not only has the the younger Haar impressed racing fans at North Dakota Horse Park with his riding chops, he has also impressed his big brother, Robert.

“Nate has by far the most promise out of all of us,” Robert Haar said. “He just raced in New York, and people are just starting to realize he can ride.”

Coming into Sunday, Nathan had logged four victories on Rapid Jack this year.

“My dad taught me how to read the racing form a long time ago, so that has helped me a lot with being able to tell whether my horse needs to come from the front or behind,” Nathan Haar said. “Him teaching me has kind of helped me with my riding.”

The teenage jockey also admitted that the Fargo race track was his favorite.

“Seeing them progress to the point where Bob has a very successful string of horses now, and he is actually competing for the leading trainer here,” Bubby Haar said. “And Nate come along with his riding career as fast as it has come and just that they have been so successful has been exciting to watch.

“I got to call the race, but back in the corner I am still a fan a little bit and cheering a little bit. A lot of times you get so involved in the race as an announcer. I don’t really realize too much about what they’ve done until it’s all over and the dust is settled a little bit.”

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Ten races

First race: Purse $4,700. For 2-year-olds NRND thoroughbred futurity.

3: Hello Scarlet (Herman) 3.40 2.40 2.40

6: Sweetest Nicki (Vasquez) 2.40 3.20

1: D and D’s Remedy (Padilla) 3.20

Time: :24. Exacta: 3-6, $10.20. Trifecta: 3-6-1, $73.80.

Second race: Purse $2,300. For 2-year-olds allowance NW2 L.

4: First Down Marie (Herman) 8.80 5.40 3.00

3: Beduinos Black Ace (Estrada) 5.60 3.00

2: Sucha Nodak (Frink) 3.20

Time: :13. Daily double: 3-4, $26.00. Exacta: 4-3, $37.80. Trifecta: 4-3-2, $436.00.

Third race: Purse $2,400. For 3-year-olds and up allowance NW2 L.

7: Sunday Princess (Fennell) 17.60 6.00 3.60

3: Don’t Worry Love (Herman) 4.00 3.20

6: Friendly Lindy (Haar) 5.40

Time: 1:07.20. Exacta: 7-3, $39.80. Trifecta: 7-3-6, $666.20.

Fourth race: Purse $2,400. For 3-year-olds and up claiming $2,000.

6: Rapid Jack (Haar) 10.60 3.60 2.80

9: Vibrant Topper (Birt-Camouche) 3.20 3.00

1: Nurse Jackie (Padilla) 3.40

Time: 1:06.10. Exacta: 6-9, $30.40. Trifecta: 6-9-1, $61.20.

Fifth race: Purse $2,400. For 3-year-olds and up claimng NW1 6M $2,500.

6: Splendid High (Birt-Camouche) 6.60 3.80 3.00

1: Abounding Aptitude (Padilla) 5.80 3.40

8: Frank Joseph (Vasquez) 3.60

Time: 1:14.30. Exacta: 6-1, $31.60. Quinella: 6-1-8, $115.20.

Sixth race: Purse $2,400. For 3-year-olds and up starter allowance $3,500.

5: Savy’s Delite (Whiteshield) 14.00 7.80 4.00

3: Cozey Deeds (Carmichael) 5.60 3.00

2: Ugenta (Bacon) 2.40

Exacta: 5-3, $53.00. Trifecta: 5-3-2, $345.00.

Seventh race: Purse $2,400. For 3-year-olds and up claiming $3,500.

5: Northern Governor (Padilla) 6.80 5.40 3.20

1: Proud Student (Estrada) 5.00 3.80

7: Freedomofexpression (Herman) 3.20

Exacta: 5-1, $37.60. Trifecta: 5-1-7, $97.20.

Eighth race: Purse $15,500. For 3-year-olds. Derby.

5: Feature Dreamgirl (Padilla) 3.60 2.40 2.40

1: Comic Shindig (Estrada) 5.80 3.60

2: Jack Jessee (Vasquez) 3.40

Time: :20.80. Exacta: 5-1, $18.60. Trifecta: 5-1-2, $60.00.

Ninth race: Purse $3,600. For 3-year-olds and up Li’l Speed Ball Purse.

2: Sweet Easy Cash (Estrada) 3.60 2.60 2.40

8: Cedar Creek (Vasquez) 2.80 2.40

3: Josies Little Outlaw (Haar) 3.20

Time: :7.320. Exacta: 2-8, $8.60. Trifecta: 2-8-3, $40.60.

Tenth race: Purse $9,300. For 3-year-olds ND bred thoroughbred derby and stallion.

2: Tuffernhell (Birt-Camouche) 3.40 2.40 2.10

5: Maintenance Man (Vasquez) 2.40 2.20

4: Captain Royal (Carmichael) 2.10

Time: 1:41.95. Daily double: 2-2, $3.60. Exacta: 2-5, $7.20.