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Austin Culp, Battle Lake, Minn., Published July 21 2012

Liberals like a nation of zombies

How did Barack Obama ever become president of the United States? The painful answer is that a majority of voters understood what he was selling and bought into it. Obama was and is selling communism, which encompasses greed, envy and jealousy.

A good share of Americans has bought into communist ideology, hook, line and sinker. We’re not just talking extreme left-wingers here; most Democrats, many independents and some conservatives are believers. And why not, it’s what schools and colleges have been teaching for years.

Polls tell us most Americans think we should raise taxes on the so-called rich, even though their tax rates are already higher than those of anyone else. Karl Marx taught that the graduated income tax is an important tool in converting a free society into a communist society.

Most people favor Obamacare because they think they will get free health care, paid for by the rich.

Marx’s line, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,” is what politicians win office on. Democrats are foursquare for it, Republicans are “me, too;” and this nation is going bankrupt because of it.

Something the schools don’t teach is that communism has never worked in the history of the world, and that it can never work because it goes against human nature.

The former Soviet Union is an example of a large nation falling under communism’s death grip. By the time it was all over, Russia was a basket case. Alcoholism, abortion as a method of birth control, a shortage of something as simple as bread and a pervasive feeling of hopelessness permeated Russian society. This was communism or today’s liberal utopianism at work.

Free market capitalism is the obvious and proven answer to our economic problems and most of our social problems. Our welfare state is a perfect example of market capitalism working. Tax money subsidizes sloth, teen pregnancy, anger and poverty; every year those problems grow worse.

Market capitalism also tells us that when you tax something, you get less of it. As taxes rise on producers, we get less production, a slow growing economy and more unemployment.

Taxes take many forms: income taxes, excise taxes, sales taxes, regulations and fees. The tax that hits lower income people harder than anyone else is the inflation tax. That tax can be seen at the gas pump or in checkout lines.

Forget about the pap you learned in school. Don’t listen to the garbage that the new speak propagandists call news. Don’t believe most of what you read in newspapers. Local news, national news, it’s all the same blather and twisting of truth, if there is any truth left to twist.

Guide political thinking with logic and common sense. There is no free lunch. In order to gain unlimited power, liberal politicians want to turn everyone into political zombies.