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Sandy Huseby, Fargo, Published July 18 2012

Cramer resists accountability

Thank you for the July 17 Forum editorial. Kevin Cramer’s arrogance in North Dakota is matched on the national level by Mitt Romney’s arrogance about releasing his tax returns and Senate Republicans’ filibuster of the DISCLOSE act, which would give transparency to campaign financing.

From the founders forward, standing in the public square exercising your First Amendment rights, which is what the Citizens United Supreme Court decision purports to uphold, relies on two fundamental principles: the right to speak in the public square and the obligation to show your face before the crowd.

Citizens United allows astronomical sums of money to speak, with no obligation to show your face and stand accountable for the content of that speech or its truth – or lack of it.

Best I recall, the closest example of that practice came complete with hoods and sheets. Hardly something to be proud of.

Until mainstream Republicans, if there are any left, adopt the Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., model and challenge their own ranks, they show nothing to earn my vote. Nothing but arrogance.