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Terry Stoll, Ulen, Minn., Published July 17 2012

Something wrong with this picture

I picked up a prescription at the pharmacy and noticed my co-pay was higher than normal. The pharmacist explained to me that I had been paying too little before.

The prescription is Lantus and it comes in a 100/ml vial. To my amazement I found out that the co-pay was not based on the quantity of the prescription, but how much I used. A vial of Lantus retails at $150 and my co-pay is $40; since a vial was lasting me three months, my co-pay should have been $120. I was getting a deal! When my dose went up and the pharmacy caught that the same 100/ml vial would last me two months, my co-pay went to $80 for the same amount of medication.

What is wrong with this picture? I realized that I am not paying for a prescription but a subscription. Maybe when I fill up with gas – because I do that a lot – the price should be lower the more I use. Doubt that will ever happen.

So I wonder why client compliance might be a problem when it comes to taking medication. The less you take the more it’s going to cost you. And the more you take, the less it will cost. I understand it but I don’t get it.