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Bob Lind, Published July 14 2012

Lind: Embarrassing story lives on long after winter of 1980

Here in the middle of a hot summer, Don Lein has a cool story – cool because it’s about an incident that occurred during the winter of 1980.

Don, of Glyndon, Minn., used to be a substitute rural carrier out of the Fargo Post Office.

One day, right after a blizzard, Don got a call from Al Morris, a regular carrier on a rural route, and … well, let’s let Don tell it:

“Al asked me if I would meet him on the route,” Don writes: “He had car trouble, and he wanted me to help him finish the route.

“I agreed to do so, and we switched the mail to my vehicle.

“Not only did we have to plow through drifts on the yet-to-be-plowed back roads, but it also was very cold. Getting stuck seemed to be inevitable, and I finally did so.

“We shoveled and pushed and shoveled and pushed but we still couldn’t move my vehicle.

“All of a sudden I noticed I had the parking brake on!

“I released the parking brake and told Al to give one last push, and of course the car moved forward with no trouble.

“When Al got back in the car I noticed the tip of his nose was white. He had suffered frostbite.

“Because of that, it took me several weeks before I dared tell him about the parking brake. He was a little upset at first but now tells it like a good story. And unfortunately for me, he tells it often.

“My ex-classmates hear about it, too,” Don says, “because we both graduated from Rothsay (Minn.) High School in 1951 and we hold reunions every year.”

So Al, of Fargo, and Don get along fine today, even though there’s no way Don can get Al to put the brakes on what Don terms “this embarrassing story.”

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