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Dudley Wells, Moorhead, Published July 13 2012

Mandate will be a huge windfall

I completely agree with the editorial in Tuesday’s (July 3) Forum and with Charles Krauthammer’s opinion in the Sunday Forum. Chief Justice John Roberts was indeed wise to protect the legal reputation of his Supreme Court by crossing over to the liberal side in the health care decision. To me his opinion seems to be a real stretch, but it may well leave the Roberts court in a position, if there is a constitutional fracas over the 2012 election results, to rule as arbitrarily conservative as the Supreme Court did in the 2000 presidential election.

I think the whole brouhaha over the health care law is another Karl Rove dog-and-pony show. The idea of mandatory health insurance originally came from a conservative think tank, and President Barack Obama latched onto the idea as a workable compromise. However, the minute the law passed, the anti-Obama, “make him fail at everything” machinery went into high gear, with right-wing radio and television ranting “unfair” and “unconstitutional” and Rep. Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., not to be outdone, screaming “treason” at Obama.

In fact, the state and federal governments have for years mandated many requirements and expenses on people to protect the safety, health and financial welfare of the public, including uninsured motorist and vehicle liability insurance.

And for all the right-wing rancor over Justice Roberts’ apparent defection to the liberals, the health insurance mandate should prove to be a tremendous windfall for the insurance industry. With

30 million new customers, their gross revenues could see an increase of a hundred billion dollars per year. If they can’t make a profit from that, then I’m a monkey’s uncle.