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Forum Communications, Published July 11 2012

Minnesota boy uses mortgage payment for pool admission

FARMINGTON, Minn. - When Brandon Chartrand, 5, went into his mother’s purse to find some cash for the $4 admission to a pool near his home, what he found was indeed cash – $1,400 in large bills the family had set aside for their mortgage payment.

He put the loose bills into the side pocket of his swim trunks. Andrea Pellicci was at the window when Brandon handed Pellicci four $100 bills.

“I said to him, ‘That’s a lot of money. Where did you get it?’ He told me, ‘My mom gave it to me,’” Pellicci said.

That still didn’t seem right, but when Pellicci and some co-workers tried to tell him it was too much, the boy pulled out another wad of cash from his pocket.

“He had more in his pocket. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” Pellicci said.

Pellicci brought Brandon into the office, and asked if his parents were at the pool. Brandon said yes, his dad was there. Pellicci put the money in a bag, then followed the boy out to meet his dad, Mark Chartrand.

“It kind of feels good to see there are still some good kids out there. Every time we see her, we thank her. She’s special. We really do appreciate her looking out for us,” he said.