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Jessica Ballou, Published July 11 2012

Thursday review: No flop in sight with FlopTopz

FARGO – I practically live in flip flops during the summer.

Occasionally I get blisters from where the strap meets the rubber sole or my feet hurt from lack of support, but I overlook these disadvantages to wear cute pairs to match almost any outfit in my closet.

Sometimes, however, the pain can really get to me after wearing them for a few hours.

If only I had discovered FlopTopz sooner.

FlopTopz are full-length insoles designed for flip flops and sandals that come in a variety of patterns and colors.

They are designed to look like feet with an outline for each toe, allowing them to be relatively hidden while in use. They also have a divider between the big toe and other toes, making it easier to fit onto a flip flop or sandal.

Applying the insoles was simple. I removed a strip protecting a long sliver of glue on the green back of the insole, lined it up with my shoe and pressed down. That was it.

The insole didn’t slip or move, even after wearing them for a few hours.

I tried gray leopard printed insoles with a pair of yellow flip flops, and I recruited my 14-year-old sister to try a pair as well; she opted for a sand-colored pair with brown flip flops.

Even though we were both skeptical about how the patterns would look contrasted against our flip flops, the squishy, comfortable feel of the insoles overshadowed any qualms we had about their appearance.

The insoles don’t offer much for arch support, but the soft material cushioned my feet and covered the part of the shoe that can normally give me blisters.

Flip flops are known for being versatile shoes for both indoors and outdoors, but I have a feeling the insoles’ material wouldn’t hold up very well against water.

FlopTopz are made by Donna’s Designs based out of New Jersey, but they are sold in stores in 16 states and on amazon.com, floptopz.com, QVC and other sites.

The closest store to the metro area that carries them is Pretty Things On Third in Winona, Minn.

There are two product lines for the insoles, FlopTopz and FlopTopz Eco.

FlopTopz come in two sizes that cover shoe sizes 5 through 10 for $7.50 a pair, and FlopTopz Eco come in three sizes that cover shoe sizes 5 to 12 for $9.99 a pair.

Each line has solid and patterned insoles, but the eco line also has moisture-wicking and odor absorbing features. My sister and I both wore eco pairs and were pleasantly surprised.

Bottom line: I’m in love with these insoles. Even though the patterns can seem a little obnoxious or too crazy, there are some solid color options as well. These insoles are great for long-term wear, but if you only plan on wearing flip flops for a quick trip, you may not notice much of a difference.