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Bruce Brooks, Minot, N.D., Published July 09 2012

Cramer used PSC as his piggy bank

I think most North Dakotans pride themselves on voting for the “man, not the party.” In this year’s congressional race, I think it’s pretty clear which “man” is right for the job.

Kevin Cramer certainly isn’t. He has run for (and lost) the U.S. House three times already, and this time he went around his own party to run because he knew he wouldn’t get chosen any other way. He used his seat on the Public Service Commission as his personal piggy bank, taking over $20,000 from regulated interests for his PSC and congressional races (he’s being sued for doing just that). It’s common knowledge in this state that most of his funding comes from out-of-state interests that aren’t concerned about North Dakota’s well-being, but instead want to cut programs like the farm program, crop insurance, flood insurance and disaster assistance.

Pam Gulleson’s not the “man” for the job either – but she is the right woman. Gulleson is an experienced, sensible leader who is grounded in serving her home state, not advancing herself by using public positions to her advantage. She’s a farmer and rancher who understands the real issues families face in North Dakota, unlike Cramer.

In November I’ll be voting for Gulleson – because it’s time we send this woman to Washington to represent us in Congress.