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Sally Stutlien, Fargo, Published July 08 2012

Does Forum have political agenda?

The highest court in the land upheld the constitutionality of ObamaCARES! I am wondering why my state’s attorney general found the time to fight this losing battle?

ObamaCARES has allowed my daughter (who has a rare disability) and other disabled children to have the same access to health care that everyone else has. It keeps insurance companies from capping benefits on the very ill or injured – or dumping them completely when they meet some misfortune. People will no longer face bankruptcy as a result of a medical condition.

Most North Dakotans claim they are Christians. What is Christian about seeking the denial of health care to millions? When I confront people opposed to ObamaCARES, I find they are highly uninformed and are one illness, one injury or having one disabled child from understanding how wrong and un-Christianlike it is to oppose equal access to health care for all Americans.

I think The Forum should spend some time covering all the benefits that this reform will have for the people of North Dakota. Insurance companies can no longer discriminate and must reimburse their customers for anything spent above and beyond actual health care – think CEO bonuses.

The Forum seems to have a political agenda that does not include actually informing their readers of any facts regarding the historical impact or benefit of this legislation.