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Sarah Ehlers, Fargo, Published July 07 2012

Health act might be constitutional; that doesn’t make it good legislation

I’m getting pretty frustrated about the political climate and media coverage of things these days. It didn’t take long after the health care ruling for the pundits (yes, including “our opinion” in The Forum) to jump on the news like a bunch of sportscasters. Was this a win for President Barack Obama and Democrats, or will it give fuel to the various GOP campaigns? That’s the big question, right? Never mind what this ruling does to all us pawns in the game between the various parties of the “ruling class.”

Is this legislation really good for us? Really? The court’s decision not to call the bill unconstitutional does not make it good legislation.

Maybe I should not be surprised that some have reported it like an endorsement, but I guess I still am. We have lots of news about what this means politically but little news on what is actually in the bill. Is that because its size and scope are so monstrous? Maybe it is because even those in the health care industry don’t even know how to implement it?

I happen to know that several bills have passed the House addressing many problems that existed in the bill. Does anyone else know that? Perhaps that kind of news is not very exciting.

Maybe there are only a few people who remember that a proposal to subsidize heath savings accounts for individuals was suppressed by those who now claim to be for increasing access to health care and applaud this massive power grab by the federal government (soon becoming our central planning agency). I hope more people will consider what this legislation really means to your personal freedoms.

It is time for the 73-plus percent of Americans who disapprove of Congress to get involved enough to change it. The court is not intended to make good law. We can’t depend on them to govern this country. That job is up to any of us who are willing to get past the tabloid headlines and really find out what is going on and vote for those who will represent us and downsize the government we can no longer afford.