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Carol Strache, Frazee, Minn., Published June 30 2012

Here’s a concept for our nation

I know so many jobs have been sent overseas and we most likely will never get them back. I also know that this is done so the companies and investors will get the most “bang for the buck.”

As it is, the stock market has risen from about 7,000, where it dropped in 2007, to where it is today, at around 12,000. In 1995, it was around 7,000, and it was up to 14,000 before the drastic drop when the market collapsed. It took 12 years to get this high, and now it has been only five years and it has gained this much.

Therefore, I have a suggestion. Why doesn’t everyone in the U.S. become a stockholder, and we (they) can live off these profits, and no one will need a job here? In this way, our country can continue to be a service nation if anyone does want to work. Our country can become a Third World nation, but everyone will have money. What a concept.