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Steve Olson, Comstock, Minn., Published June 30 2012

Two presidents disserve nation

George W. Bush started two unconstitutional wars as a knee-jerk reaction to 9/11. His wars have killed thousands of our soldiers and disabled countless more. The cost of these wars is driving us toward financial collapse and has exhausted our military strength. Tens of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan have lost their lives because of our war on terror.

Bush is a war criminal for what he has done, yet he roams free and collects a huge federal pension.

Our current president said he would end these wars, but recently made an enduring commitment to keep troops in Afghanistan. He has made drone strikes, dropping bombs on Libya, Pakistan and Yemen and is threatening other countries. He flies everywhere for any reason without regard to the fact that it costs more than $40,000 per hour to fly Air Force One and its entourage.

He seems more like a kid in a candy store than a president to me. He has done nothing to solve our financial or job woes.

What he has done is spend his first term posturing to be re-elected by pandering to Hispanics, gays, unions or whomever he thinks is a voter base. When he talks, he barks like a dog, but he is not a guard dog. He has done nothing to guard the hope and future of America.