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Wade C. Maroney, Fargo, Published June 29 2012

It’s a matter of respect for law

Regarding “They don’t deliver,” by Marino Eccher, June 23:

The issue of illegal immigrants in the United States has been a problem that has grown to approximately 42 million living throughout our country. President Barack Obama is trying to make a vain attempt to appease the voters by allowing some to stay and deporting others. However, the article makes no mistake in believing that this is a racial problem, including blaming the police department for “racial profiling.”

Let me make this clear: This is a legal problem, not a racial issue. Every country in the world has laws governing immigration, including work visas. I have worked overseas, and before I go, I research what the laws are for that country. If I have an invalid or expired visa, I would be subject to deportation, or in the case of Myanmar, probably put in jail. Respect of laws and customs is a given, and every one of your readers who has been outside the United States knows this.

Being “afraid of the police” shows that illegal immigrants understand the consequences for their actions. In the case of Miquel Balderas, he and his wife knew very well what the consequences would be for her. Not only did she get deported back to Mexico but she crossed the border again.

There are many who come here due to issues of civil war, genocide and religious persecution. Those who are working without a valid work visa are not paying taxes, which becomes an economic drain on those who do. This is not a civil problem but a legal problem.

I would make one suggestion to Obama: Send our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq so that we may have the manpower to secure our borders.

Those who are in the United States illegally know why. Know the laws and customs of a country before you enter.