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Peter Karl, West Fargo, Published June 27 2012

West Fargo street work violation of law

Wow, look at all that construction on main highway in West Fargo. It just looks so great that the engineers designed it on a range of 3 to 6 feet lower than the current roadway. And then, too, there is currently no safety for pedestrians or bicyclists, which is a violation of state law.

Wow, look at what the City Commission and the mayor raised our taxes for. Oh, and did they tell you that Moore Engineering took 20 percent of our city’s grant money as a payment even though the city of West Fargo already paid them for this?

And then, too, since they are building this road so far down in the ground, aren’t they building a flooding problem that will have to be fixed in the next two or three years? Excuse me, West Fargo mayor and city commissioners, but if you are honestly doing your job correctly, why are you allowing this hazard and flood area to be built while the construction area is without state-required safety zones, and how come you are not building this main road correctly or safely?

If “we the people” are paying your salary, I want a refund.

Karl was a candidate for the West Fargo City Commission on June 12.