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Leilla Moll, Fargo, Published June 26 2012

Words of wisdom from Forum fan

I’m always glad to read The Forum. At times I wonder how you can find so much news to write about every day.

The following are some things I wrote down one day when my mind was wandering. These are things I wish people would put more thought into at times:

Please, get adequate rest.

Drink ample and correct fluids and not alcohol; leave that out of your life, especially during the stifling hot months.

Be kind to others.

Please read God’s Ten Commandments often so one knows how to live and treat others.

Do not mock people. Grow up.

Put a lid on your feelings unless you are doing good.

Listen more than speak (at times).

Put the gun and knife down if you don’t know how to use them, for goodness sake. They are dangerous.

Get a real job.

Teach another person a trade to keep busy and out of trouble.

It’s OK to just read the obituaries, but have you noticed how young some are dying?

Help people whenever you are able to and often.

Make smoothies often during the hot months.

Wash someone’s car when you need something to do.

Talk sensibly with people and find a way to control anger. That can be so vicious and scary.

Eat more vegetables (yes, I said vegetables). They are so good for you.

Have sweets but not so many of them, as that can put on the weight, and weight can be awfully difficult to take off again.

Last but not least, pray more. Our spiritual life needs a lot of exercise, too.