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Published June 24 2012

Forum editorial:New video options win roses

Prairie roses: To North Dakota legislative leaders who approved expansion of video options for the public. Employing available video technologies, the public will be able to access recorded video online so interested people can watch proceedings at their leisure. In previous sessions, viewers have been able to go online to watch live sessions of the House and Senate. The new option will let them access the session’s activities anytime. In addition, the public will be able to search and view recordings for a particular bill number, so they can select the debate they want. The Legislature has always been accessible and open, but the new video option enhances the public’s ability to know what’s going on.

Leafy spurge: To Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo bicyclists and motorists who still don’t seem to understand that the roadways are open to both forms of transportation. Some cyclists (surely a minority) seem to believe they have special privileges simply because they are pure of spirit, unlike those “lazy and polluting drivers of motor vehicles.” For their part, too many motorists don’t accept that bicycles should be on busy streets, and therefore behave like jerks when encountering a cyclist. Well, the fact is that there is plenty of bad behavior among cyclists and motorists – and that gives all cyclists and automobile drivers a bad name. A little more enforcement might get the message across.

Prairie roses: To metro park districts and their crews of summer workers. Of special note: the work done on the many flower beds in the parks. Planning the displays by park personnel and planting and tending by summer workers creates slashes of beauty across the cities. Flower beds and other features in the parks make those public spaces especially attractive. The quality of the work and the attention to detail prove the commitment of park boards and park staffs to these important urban public lands.

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