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Edward TJ Brown, Perham, Minn. , Published June 21 2012

Minnesota’s marriage measure raises complex, troubling issues

While proponents of the Minnesota ballot measure on marriage claim that it will not ban or preclude a civil partnership option for gay couples, this claim would be a heck of a lot more credible if the text of the amendment actually said something to the effect of, “Nothing in this amendment shall ban or prevent the creation of civil unions or domestic partnerships for same-sex couples.”

If you draft and support a state constitutional amendment that has no interest in the fair-minded concerns of people who do not share your background or beliefs, then the term “bigot” is inaccurate only because a more accurate description would not be reprinted in most newspapers.

The idea that everyone is equally free to marry a person of the opposite sex makes sense only if you believe that the television series “Will and Grace” or some blue movie about girl-on-girl action at a sorority house slumber party is reality. In the real world, not many women really want to marry a gay man and not many men really want to marry a lesbian. In the real world, the gender that a person wants to date or marry is not really a choice and does not exist for other people’s entertainment or sophomoric fantasies.

If we deny an equitable civil option for gay couples based on church doctrine or the fact that they cannot beget children the old-fashioned way, then we are not only saying something rather mean about gay couples but also to adopted children and children conceived through in vitro fertilization, as well as interfaith couples and couples who are barren, sterile or have physical impairments.

Last, but not least, consider the fact the existence of strong genetic factors in determining affinity-gender preference means that prenatal testing for affinity-gender preference will, one day, be a reality. If we continue to demonize, denigrate and devalue people based on their affinity-gender preference, then we should not be surprised when anti-gay prejudice becomes associated with being pro-abortion.