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Jeanne Dotson, Moorhead, Published June 16 2012

Teacher made you who you are

I have said I would write a million times, but last evening was the moment of truth.

This letter is directed to all of you, women or men, Democrats, Republicans or independents who believe that we should cut education and cut teachers’ wages and take away the small benefits they get in order to reward the corporations’ top officers.

May I ask you (respectfully, of course) to take a moment to think about what you are doing right now. If you are reading this, who taught you how to read? Do you have a dentist or doctor’s appointment today or in the near future? How did that person ever become a medical doctor or a dental professional? How did the electrician who fixed your air conditioner know how to do that? How did the person who built your home know what size lumber to use, the Redi-Mix concrete contractor know what grade concrete is legal? It is the smallest of things that all of us take for granted that we would not attain in our life if it were not for a teacher.

It seems that most do not have a problem with cutting funds to our schools and taking away extracurricular activities from our children. We have no problem financing a multimillion-dollar brand- new Viking stadium to be used by the Vikes eight times a year. (Please understand, I am a rabid Viking fan. I love the Vikings.)

It is just a great mystery to me that the educational needs of our children and grandchildren take second to a football team.

There are many other examples I could use. Too many, in fact. I wonder if anyone can answer my questions: What are you doing right now? How did you learn how to do that?

It all began with a teacher.