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Published June 14 2012

Five Things Friday: 5 things Roxane loves about summer

Editor’s note: “5 Things Friday” is a weekly feature in SheSays that will run on – you guessed it – Fridays. It will focus on quick tips, ideas, activities and more – all in bunches of five. If you have a “5 Things Friday” suggestion, contact us at shesays@forumcomm.com.

Whenever I’m asked my favorite season, I typically give short shrift to summer.

I’ll blame those pesky little vampire bugs that hunt for blood, thereby holding us hostage more than half the season, not to mention the oft-beating sun that sneers at my fair-and-freckled skin.

But summer has its virtues, too. If summer were a punctuation mark, it would be an ellipsis – a delightful chance for breath-catching.

With a little sunscreen and skeeter spray in hand, summer can indeed become one of the best times of year for memory-making.

Here are a few simple things to relish as we continue heading into the summertime slide-in:

  1. Bonfires

    The 2012 summer-vacation sun had barely peeked above the horizon when our children started clamoring for a bonfire out on the back patio.

    It seems my years of Scouting have finally paid off. Unlike summers past, when I was relegated to tireless twig-collecting before we could begin, the kids had gathered up the tinder, kindling and logs well before I’d emerged from the house to assume my usual position as master fire-starter.

    When our youngest dragged out his guitar and started strumming a few tunes fireside, I knew summer had truly begun. There’s nothing like a roaring bonfire and the lot of us singing “Edelweiss.” (Our deepest apologies go out to any forlorn neighbors.)

  2. S’mores

    A bonfire without S’mores is like a peony without its petals. But here’s a tip for the grocery shopper in the family: Hide the chocolate bars if you don’t plan to have S’mores within an hour or so after shopping. Or keep a lock on your food pantry like a friend of mine. S’mores without chocolate make me say, “Not S’much.”

  3. Bags and backpacks

    In the last week of school, I volunteered to be a chaperone for my daughter’s eighth-grade field trip and knew I’d need something besides my bulky purse to tote around Valleyfair amusement park. During a last-minute breeze through Target the night prior, I found this backpack. It screamed, “Welcome to summer,” and you can bet it will be following me to the pool.

  4. Toes

    This has to be the aspect of summer I treasure most: No more frantic searching for matching socks or hollering due to lost shoes. It’s all about the toes now. That’s right, little piggies. It’s your turn to shine.

  5. Books

    At the pool, I’m much more likely to sit under the “mushroom” umbrellas with a good book than screaming down the waterslide with the kids (though I will do that on occasion, too). I love summertime, poolside reading. And this year, I’ll be giving my new digital book-reading device a try.

    Truth be told, I’m not quite sold on it. I miss seeing page numbers and being able to dog-ear my favorites. But at least, with the handmade cover I found online on Etsy, it will look pretty and have some protection from intermittent water splashes.