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Robert Horne, Fargo, Published June 10 2012

Cramer’s defense falls flat

I, and probably many others, am disturbed by Kevin Cramer’s defense of taking money from companies he regulates as a member of the North Dakota Public Service Commission. Cramer dismisses the issue by conveniently omitting The Forum’s actual language.

The Forum highlighted “contributions from South Heart Coal Inc., and/or the companies’ owners/executives.” In his response, Cramer omitted any mention of contributions of “owners/executives.” He thinks if you don’t read closely, you won’t notice his sleight-of-hand response.

What really concerns me is when he suggested these contributions came from North Dakota citizens. Nice try, Kevin, but you deserve three Pinocchios for that statement. A quick check of the contributions in question reveal Texas residences of Fort Worth, Euless, South Lake and Houston. Did North Dakota somehow annex portions of Texas, or did Cramer simply sell part of our state to specific people and confer voting rights as well? I’m going to make a wild guess here, but I don’t believe Kevin’s so-called “North Dakota citizens” have a North Dakota driver’s license.

What gets me is Cramer’s willingness to twist the truth regarding these allegations of impropriety. Omit here, mislead there – anything to get elected to Congress. I thought we wanted to “change” Congress, not make it worse than it already is. If this shows how Cramer would behave in Congress, then North Dakotans won’t want him representing our proud state.