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Phil Grotenhuis, Fargo, Published June 09 2012

Only Sand has real energy policy

I was at the gas station the other day paying way too much again, and a guy asked me if I knew what Rick Berg was going to do about energy. I told him I was pretty sure Berg was in favor of energy. Wanting to know more, I went to his website and, sure enough, Rick Berg is in favor of energy. Not that he really has any sort of proposals to do anything about it, but he’s in favor of energy – specifically, more of it.

Next, I went to Heidi Heitkamp’s website – but guess what, she doesn’t even have an issues section on her page! I guess she is still trying to figure out which of Obama’s policies are “amazing” and which she wants to run away from. Apparently, the jury is still out on energy for Heidi Heitkamp.

Then I went to Duane Sand’s website, and here he’s got a seven-point plan. More importantly, it has targets and benchmarks, like building 20 new nuclear power plants nationally to replace aging ones, opening up new on-shore and offshore oil resource plays, approving new transcontinental oil pipelines, reducing the burden of federal regulations that dictate the dozens of different gasoline blends around the country, and putting the Environmental Protection Agency under the control of the Department of Energy.

All in all, it’s some pretty common-sense stuff.

It’s too bad more candidates aren’t willing to actually come up with plans, rather than hiding their record or using empty rhetoric.