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E. Jane Sinner, Fargo, Published June 09 2012

Examine church’s record on women

Some say the Catholic Church is anti-woman. Well, let’s look at the record and a bit of history, and then we must each decide.

For hundreds of years, women served as housekeepers and cooks to priests and bishops, with no salary. In addition, the sisters/nuns taught in Catholic schools for years with little compensation. They were all expected to contribute their services in the name of the Lord.

Furthermore, women have never been included in any church deliberations or decisions, and have actually been purposefully excluded from all.

Women are not allowed to become priests or deacons, and yet with the fact that women can provide insight on issues pertaining to marriage, birthing and child rearing, they are never consulted.

And now today, bishops are asking for laws to give them more control over women’s health issues and insisting women should bow to their wishes. This is what Measure 3 does for women. It takes their decisions on contraception away and gives it to the bishops. This is an outrage and an insult to women who are intelligent, wise human beings, capable of making their own personal decisions.

Measure 3 is wrong. It is an insult to women, and I encourage you to protect your rights and vote “no.”