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Rachelle Sauvageau , Published June 09 2012

Dismiss the hype and scare tactics about Measure 3

I have been following the anti-Measure 3 ads, and I question the claims. Who would seriously think that the state does not have a compelling interest in protecting children or women from being abused by men? Or that by protecting religious liberty we are preventing doctors from providing life-saving care?

When we look at who is buying the ads and is behind the anti-Measure 3 campaign, it becomes clear what is at stake. Planned Parenthood affiliates from around the country have sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to North Dakota to prevent us from enjoying the same religious freedoms enjoyed in most other states. Measure 3 does not threaten their practice of abortion or contraception, so why are they spending so much money on false scare tactics?

Perhaps it is because Planned Parenthood opposes conscience protection for health care providers, supports requiring hospitals to provide procedures that violate the hospital’s religious and moral beliefs; and mandating that all employers provide insurance coverage for contraception, sterilization and abortifacients, even if the employer has religious objections.

We have seen the enemy of religious freedom in North Dakota, and its name is Planned Parenthood.

Sauvageau is director, Respect for Life Office, Diocese of Fargo.