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David Caulfield, West Fargo, Published June 07 2012

Vote ‘yes’ to clean up government

If you don’t vote yes on Measure 2, abolishing property taxes, an opportunity to put real net dollars in your pocket will vanish.

Local governing bodies already recognize that property taxes impede economic growth, therefore a privileged few receive tax abatements How much more economic growth will occur by putting hundreds of millions of dollars in the pockets of North Dakota residents?

Measure 2 does not prohibit your local governing bodies from continuing to impose user fees on its constituency. Measure 2 could lead to transparency in your government.

Naysayers use fear tactics, half-truths, sour-grapes reasoning and depend on you being uninformed. Don’t be uninformed. Research Measure 2 for yourself by going to empowerthetaxpayer.org. Let’s level the playing field. Vote “yes” on Measure 2.