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James W. Nelson, Walcott, N.D., Published June 07 2012

Look to sources of the big money

So the anti-Measure 2 people have a big lead in fundraising. Look where they’re spending their money: That television ad is meant to frighten and even intimidate people into believing that our world will turn upside down if Measure 2 passes. No police and fire protection, no city and county government, no school boards – OMG! – even no librarians! Even “individuals” will have to stand in line to beg for money.

As for that huge amount of money the anti-Measure 2 people have raised, look at the front page of The Forum, June 5, to see where much of that money came from: out-of-state special interests. Think about that for a minute, folks. “Out-of-state.” Those out-of-state powers-that-be do not care about North Dakota. They are worried that if property tax is eliminated here, others will be encouraged to follow our lead.

Vote your conscience, and vote “yes” on Measure 2.