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Barbara A. Clark, West Fargo, Published June 06 2012

Measure 2 adds fairness to system

I appreciate services provided by the local government and do not mind paying for them through taxes. I do not feel that I pay too much and am not trying to get my taxes reduced. So why support Measure 2?

I support Measure 2 because I don’t think that my financial support should be based on what the government claims is the value of my home. People who are unemployed, recently divorced or widowed with loss of marital income, retirees, and farmers in a bad flood year should be taxed fairly and related in some fashion to their income and ability to pay.

I support Measure 2 because property tax is unending, taxed again and again, year after year.

I support Measure 2 because I believe property taxes are unfairly distributed.

Vote “yes” on Measure 2.