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Conrad V. Bernard, Moorhead, Published June 03 2012

Do right thing: vote ‘yes’ on No. 4

In regards to Ross Nelson’s column (May 22), again I say to you, you speak in circles. You don’t make any sense. If you are a college graduate, you would know what you are writing. You strike me as a man who has never met a Sioux, so quit speaking for us.

Standing Rock is totally against the nickname and logo. They have been saying no, no, no. Which part of no don’t you understand?

Spirit Lake is just using it for money. Talk about respect – Montana, Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota – they respect the natives. Wisconsin didn’t have a problem with NCAA telling them to change their name.

And by the poll that was taken by The Forum, people don’t have a problem with the NCAA taking the upper hand and dictating what to do. That’s called being part of the NCAA. We have rules. The state of Oregon is finally coming to their senses also. There are eight high schools that have Native American names, the Board of Higher Education told them to get rid of the names because they are racially offensive to the Native Americans.

I applaud the NCAA and Measure 4. Do the right thing North Dakota, and shut these people up who are for it once and for all.