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Dudley Wells, Moorhead, Published June 03 2012

Assessment of Jesus flawed

I disagree with Joseph Landry’s assessment on May 29 that Jesus Christ, like most Israelites, would “abhor” homosexuals. Christ included many people in his ministry who would have been shunned by orthodox Jewish tradition. His most essential message was to love and forgive one’s fellow human beings, and I believe He would have taken a kind and open attitude toward homosexuals rather than condemn them according to old church teachings.

Not pursuaded by Christ’s loving example, many modern Christians retreat to the Old Testament and base their bias against homosexuality on the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah. Some splinter groups go so far as to create a vicious little god in their own image who “hates fags” according to their picket signs and public statements.

In my opinion, what threatens marriage is certainly not the desire of two men or two women to have a long-term, stable, productive relationship together, in other words, gay marriage. The real threats are promiscuity, adultery, and a deluge of commercialized cheap sexuality. And the utter mockery of marriage shown by arrogant pooh bahs like Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, and Rush Limbaugh does not do the institution any good either.