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Jay Taylor, Durbin, N.D., Published June 02 2012

How about guidelines for life?

I just can’t tell you how thrilled I am that the controversy about the Ten Commandments stone thingy is firing up again. To say how underwhelmed I am at this project would never be enough.

So, I have a suggestion: Let’s put up a billboard that has the following Guidelines For Life, and see if anyone cares about that.

1: No human law will compel you to believe in a religion or in a God. But try to hang on to the ideals taught by those spirits of old. Try to understand your place in the universe.

2: Don’t worship statues or granite blocks. Save that energy to do good things for those in need. Don’t be lazy.

3: Watch your language. Keep words that hurt and offend people out of your speech. You can think what you want, but that doesn’t mean you always have to say what you think.

4. If at all possible, set aside some time every week or each day to celebrate life and communicate with your family, your kids and your friends.

5. Have some respect for your parents and those adults that helped pattern your life. Remember the best parts of them, not when they were at their lowest point. Help take care of them when they need taking care of.

6. Try to respect life in general. Don’t kill other people. Murder in any form is always a bad thing. Until we find a better way, it’s probably OK to kill and consume animals and fish, but try to make it easy on them as they are making the greatest sacrifice for you.

7. If you decide to marry another person, respect that contract and all that comes with it. Be true and loyal and if the other person reads this, maybe they will be true and loyal right back at you.

8. Don’t steal things. Work for what you have and enjoy the rewards of your work. Don’t work so hard that it affects your ability to act like a decent human being.

9. Don’t lie to other people. Be honest and you’ll sleep better at night. Telling the truth is always a good idea. If the truth hurts other people, shut up!

10. You are responsible for your own happiness. Don’t waste time bemoaning the fact that someone else has more stuff than you. Enjoy what you have and if you want more, get a second job for a while and own what you want. (See No. 8.)