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Jeff Grover, Harwood, N.D., Published May 26 2012

Domestic drone use a big concern

Has anyone noticed how easily the government and the U.S. Air Force have managed to slip “un-manned” drones onto our shores with hardly a tip of their hats to the Constitution or the privacy rights of the American people?

Now there is actual discussion of arming those drones. In fact, some of them are already flying over the major cities of our country. It’s enough to spin George Orwell and his coffin in the ground.

While we may have become accustomed to surveillance cameras in about every public place we go, being photographed, scanned and identified anywhere at any time is not the kind of scrutiny that encourages freedom or the expression thereof.

If drones are to be used over the U.S., let them be restricted to five miles of our country’s borders for immigration enforcement, drug interdiction and national security, not for watching me fish on some river or lake somewhere or walking with my grandkids down the street.

Everyone hears of the successes of the CIA or the intelligence agencies overseas where terrorists are “removed” or “eliminated,” but no one seems to be thinking that these people are being killed without the benefit of either a trial, due process or any other legitimate form of justice being adhered to. Don’t get me wrong, I want terrorists removed as much as the next person, but the “collateral damage” issue seems never to be addressed – only the successes.

Now we are turning those same agencies, those same methodologies loose in our own skies. At what point will we, ourselves, be considered “targets”? If I put the wrong political sign in my front yard?