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Bob Lind, Published May 20 2012

Lind: Jargon from any field can be frustrating

Neighbors gets lots of mail, primarily from you readers with items for this column, which is greatly appreciated.

But like you, it also gets junk mail. Including catalogs.

One of those catalogs was for women’s clothing, which obviously came to the wrong desk, since the writer of this column is a male.

But hey, this writer has a wife. Maybe there’s something in there she’d like.

So the catalog was skimmed through. And a problem developed.

Pictures of the garments were helpful. But not the descriptions. At least for a guy. Examples:

A blouse was described as having a “dart-curved waist.” What’s a dart-curved waist?

Another blouse has a “georgette top.” Huh?

A pair of pants had a “relaxed hip and thigh.” Right. The rest of her can be tensed up, but not her hip and thigh.

Well, how about a “faux wrap top?” Phooey.

Then there’s a dress with a waist that is “ruched.” Makes you want to rush right out and get one, right?

Neighbors has no clue what all this means. Guess it will have to turn this over to The Forum’s SheSays section, which probably has a handle on dart-curved and ruched waists.

What’s the Diff?

But women’s catalogs aren’t alone in being unfathomable. So are medical abbreviations.

Neighbors has a note from a doctor advising lab work.

The lab tests, the letter says, should include these (whatever they are):

“UA (microscopic, if indicated); ALT (GPT); BMP” and, of course, “CBC w/o Diff.”

Definitely, you don’t want Diff with your CBC. Any more than a woman wants a dress with a waist that isn’t ruched.

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