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Shirley Starke, Valley City, N.D., Published May 13 2012

‘Yes’ for ballot Measures 2, 3

If we “don’t need” a religious freedom amendment to our state constitution, as opponents contend, why have 27 states – more than half the states in the union – added it to their constitutions?

Religious freedom is indeed under attack. Doctors and nurses required to provide contraceptives and sterilization and abortion drugs are denied even the right of conscientious objection that soldiers have in wartime: the right not to kill another human being if their religious faith forbids it.

We should also vote for Measure 2, which eliminates the property tax. Despite scare tactics claiming there is no alternate source of funding, the measure specifies alternate sources of funds.

Unlike income tax, property tax has no deductions or exemptions. The IRS at least leaves people enough money for the necessities of life, but property tax could take your last nickel.

Vote “yes” on Measure 2 and Measure 3.