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Marilyn Hagerty, Grand Forks Herald , Published May 13 2012

Marilyn Hagerty: Kind words for mothers, grandparents flow today

GRAND FORKS - Mothers.

They are pretty much alike. They say, “Eat your food. Think of all the starving children in the world.”

When they are exasperated, they say, “Ask your father.” They say, “I don’t care what all the other kids are doing. If they went down and jumped off the Sorlie Bridge would you do that too?”

On this day, mothers young and old are given their due respect and love. It comes with roses, with breakfast in bed. And with pictures drawn by loving little hands.

One area man loves his wife so much he wants to nominate her as Mother of the Year. Ron Shannon wrote to the Grand Forks Herald to praise his wife, Heidi. She is the mother of two children and has been working full time as an RN at Altru and she received her master’s degree in nursing on Saturday.

She gets the children to and from school and reads bedtime stories. She helps with cleaning the house and chores around the farm.

And even though she has had surgeries, she keeps her head high when things don’t go her way in life, her husband wrote.

On Mother’s Day, the love of children for their grandmothers and grandfathers shines through. It was shown during the past week at the Grand Forks Senior Center. That’s where fourth-graders of Greater Grand Forks schools gather on the first Monday of May to read winning essays about their favorite older people. The contest is sponsored by Service Pro-viders for Seniors.

Taylor Durbin of Ben Franklin wrote about her Grandma Connie. “She says her prayers at night before she goes to bed. She told me it helps everyone fall asleep. (I checked and it’s true.)”

Alyssa Muus of Ben Franklin said, “My great grandma Millie Skurdell is 96, and she still knows her states and capitals. She doesn’t have a dent in her brain. The best gift she has ever given me is her heart.”

Morgan Halliday of Century said, “My grandmother grew up in a small town, but has a very big heart and a great personality.”

Trevor Masa wrote about an important person in her life, a teacher, Bev Morton. “Some-times when I get mad and don’t understand things, she lets me write my thoughts down. She is not only my teacher, she is also my friend.”

Kourtney Muus of Century said, “I remember my grandma as the one who isn’t very good with technology, but she sure knows how to dress! I am so grateful for having her and my grandpa still alive.”

Emily McHugo of Holy Family-St. Mary’s says her Grandma Evie has a voice like honey when she sings. “Her heart is as big as the sun. Her mind is as free as a bird. She has the most helping hands. She is as pretty as a Katie Snyder of Kelly wrote: “My grandpa loves to play board games. A few of his favorites are Old Maid, Sequence and Crazy Eights. In Old Maid, he wiggles up a card, trying to make me pick it, but I know if it is a regular card or the Old Maid.”

Emma DeMott of Kelly wrote that her grandpa has to wear glasses that make him look smarter than he is. And she says he definitely is a dog person. He has seven and he wants more.

Angela Patel of Twining wrote, “I miss my grandparents every day, but I talk to them often and we do get to Skype with them to see them in person.”

Aidan Fire of Phoenix wrote about his grandfather, whom he calls “Papa.” He said, “I love talking with him because he listens to me and talks with me like I’m a grown up.”

Sydney Anvinson of Sacred Heart wrote of her love for her grandma Barb. Also, in part, she wrote, “She has the most time in the world for me. We share a good laugh during movies. We like to go on walks. Walking is a great way to get exercise and it can be fun.”

Jake Sundberg of South Point summed up his praise of his grandpa by saying, “When it comes to delicious meals, chores, getting up early, milking, and everything else at grandpa’s … I don’t know how to put it but it is just fun.”

Chloe Heydt of Viking wrote about her Grandma Maxine. Among other things, she noted, “My grandma Maxine is very generous. When we go out to eat with her she says she will pay. It is her treat.”

Grace Foltz of West wrote about Colleen Schumacher who raises horses in her free time. “She is fun and exciting. She always likes to show us her horses and teach us about them and all the equipment to use while riding them. She is my favorite older person.”

Lyric Langill of Winship wrote about his great grandma whose family history is so “COOL. “Whenever I go to her house she gets pizza. And when we eat it we watch ‘Dawn of the Dino-saurs.’ We love that movie.”

There were 586 essays written in 14 fourth-grade classes. The students quoted here are among the 34 winners. Along with those quoted, essay winners were Lauren Anderson, Callie Maszk, Koby Paul Kuenzel, Devaughn Porter, Anastasia Holubnyak, Samantha Whalen, An-drew Lee, Payton Honkola, Kamryn Perry, Kayalanna Perrault, Lily Bredemeier, Maddie Delisle, Chris Pederson, Ellie McDonald, Gabrielle Thoreson, Mabelle Clark-Coles, Katelyn Johnson, Thomas Hoffarth and Jada Mitchell.