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Bob Lind, Published May 11 2012

Kaiser Frazers were ‘old people’s’ cars, reminiscent of ‘fancy upside-down bathtub’

Neighbors has received notes about the old Kaiser Frazer cars, including this from Sheila Froemke of Litchville, N.D.

“The Frazer,” Sheila writes, “followed the common pattern of those post-war years: a fancy upside-down ‘bathtub.’ It was an ‘old people’s’ car. It was comfortable.

“My fiancé had a Kaiser Traveler. It was jet black, sleek and low-slung. It was 50 years ahead of its time. It was the closest any of us came to the Batmobile.

“I asked my now-husband (Bill Froemke) why he didn’t trade the beautiful car for another Kaiser Traveler. He said they went out of business; otherwise, we would still be driving one, and it would fit right in with today’s upper class cars.”

Going hunting

Switching to the topic of hunting, here’s more from Carey McWilliams, the blind hunter from Fargo, whose story has appeared here.

Carey emails that it appears he’ll be hunting mountain lions somewhere in the spring. “I already have two outfitters interested in doing it,” he says.

He also is considering hunting wild boar in Texas from, would you believe, a helicopter. “But I have to take a special course before I go,” he says, “and I don’t know if I can devote the time necessary to get that done down there.”

He says he never knows who’ll be his gun-bearer until he reaches his hunting destination, “but it doesn’t take me long to train them on my technique.

“My only rule is that no one but me will be touching the weapon while trying to aim. The chance of a deflected shot is just too great with too many people on the weapon.

“I also believe in gun rests, which African hunters use to take elephants, lions and cape buffalos. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.”

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