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Published May 11 2012

Forum takes home 81 awards

The Forum took home 81 awards, including 26 first-place honors, at this year’s North Dakota Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Contest.

Special honors and awards:

• Photographer Dave Wallis won Photo of the Year for his photo of the Blue Angels performing during the Fargo AirSho.

• The Forum’s Newspaper in Education program and its coordinator, Kerri Kava, won NIE Newspaper of the Year.

• The Forum won the Sweepstakes award, which recognizes the paper with the most news and advertising awards.

• The Forum won the First Amendment Award, which is given to a paper for its efforts to keep the public informed through the pursuit of open records and open meetings matters.

First-place winners:

• Feature Reporting – Tammy Swift, “The Secret Lives of Strippers.”

• Feature Reporting Series – Tracy Frank, “The Great Mom Debate.”

• Government Reporting – Teri Finneman, “ND Child Support System.”

• Spot News – Amy Dalrymple and Wendy Reuer, “NDSU researcher thought murdered.”

• Business News Reporting – Kristen Daum, “On the verge.”

• Sports Page/Section – Forum Staff.

• Sports Reporting – Eric Peterson, “Puck Bucks.”

• Sports Column – Jeff Kolpack, “Izzy gets his due recognition.”

• Personal Column/serious – Matt Von Pinnon, “Family of Dylan Cox.”

• Personal Column/humorous – Tammy Swift, “Flood fight has its own language.”

• Informational Graphics – Troy Becker, “Curling Comes Home.”

• News Photo – Dave Wallis, “Coaches Dismissed.”

• Feature Photo – Carrie Snyder, “Mia pets farm animal.”

• Sports Photo – David Samson, “Saville celebrates goal.”

• Pictorial Photo – Dave Wallis, “Blue Angels.”

• Home/Gardening Ad – Brenda Lawrence and Dawnette Rea, “Good things Growing.”

• Small Space Ad – Adam Zavalney, “Eyecare Associates PC.”

• Promotion of the Newspaper/Advertising – Rebekah Ness, “A world of information.”

• Promotion of the Newspaper/Readership – Paula Pandey Chhetri, “Area’s most inspiring.”

• Promotion of the Community – Jamie Odum, “Forum-Fargo Star.”

• Signature Page – Paula Pandey Chhetri, “A Night to Remember.”

Second-place winners:

• Reporting – Amy Dalrymple, “Do you know who is driving your kids to school?”

• Feature Reporting – Mary Jo Hotzler, “Beautiful woman.”

• Feature Reporting Series – Kristen Daum, “Cultures in Conflict.”

• Government Reporting Series – Kristen Daum, “Diversion Discussion.”

• Business News Reporting – Teri Finneman, “New to North Dakota.”

• Sports Reporting Series – Forum Staff, “Roger Maris.

• Sports Column – Eric Peterson, “Thinking Pink.”

• Sports Feature – Ryan Clark, “Shoes Unfilled.”

• Editorial – Jack Zaleski, “UND logo.”

• Section/Feature Fronts Design Excellence – Jason Miller, “Life – 1/30/11.”

• Overall Design Excellence – Forum Staff.

• News Photo – David Samson, “Memorial Lantern.”

• Sports Photo – Dave Wallis, “Beck gets helmet knocked off.”

• Picture Story – Carrie Snyder, “Tiny Tumblers.”

• Pictorial photo – Dave Wallis, “Curling Championships.”

• Portrait Photo – Dave Wallis, “Frank & Origami.”

• Outdoor Recreational Photo – Dave Wallis, “A little help.”

• Special Advertising Section – Forum Staff, “Davies High School.”

• Signature Page – Sara Slaby, “Midnight Done Right.”

• General Excellence – Forum Staff.

Third-place winners:

• Reporting – Helmut Schmidt, “Uneven cost of education.”

E Reporting Series – Marino Eccher, “Vistas and Visions: Microsoft in Fargo.”

• Feature Reporting – Sherri Richards, “Facebook to face-to-face.”

• Spot News – Heidi Shaffer, “Witness: Fireworks accident horrific.”

• Sports Reporting Series – Jeff Kolpack, “Sports on TV.”

• Sports Column – Heath Hotzler, “Fans should go easy on prep officiating.”

• Editorial Page – Forum Staff.

• Personal Column/serious – Meredith Holt, “Comments, stares fuel insecurities.”

• Best Web Site – Forum staff.

• Agricultural Photo – Dave Wallis, “Corn Flows.”

• Outdoor Recreational Photo – Carrie Snyder, “Keaton works on Swing.”

• Vehicle Ad – Sara Slaby, “2011 Ford Ranger – Luther Family Ford.”

• Apparel Ad – Forum Staff, “Red Shoe – Street Fair.”

• Outdoors/Sports Ad – Sarah Hoseck, “Big Boys Toys Expo.”

• Financial Ad – Forum Staff, “Cornerstone Bank.”

• Use of Color – Paula Pandey Chhetri and Dave Overland, “Burn Rubber.”

• Promotion of the Newspaper/Advertising – Rebekah Ness, “Red Hot Jobs.”

• Promotion of the Newspaper/Readership – Rebekah Ness, “Forum advertising works.”

• Signature Page – Paula Pandey Chhetri, “Freaky Festivities.”

Honorable mentions:

• Feature Reporting – Tracy Frank, “No boundaries.”

• Feature Reporting Series – Amy Dalrymple, “Honor Flight series.”

• Government Reporting – Heidi Shaffer, “Ready for the Red?”

• Spot News – Ryan Clark, “Perham basketball player collapses.”

• Sports Feature – Heath Hotzler, “Helmet starts to feel right.”

• Personal Column/Humorous – John Lamb, “Keep it in your pants.”

• Special News Section – Forum Staff, “Fargo Marathon.”

• News Photo – Michael Vosburg – “Kirkpatrick in Court.”

• Sports Photo – Carrie Snyder, “Legion Baseball.”

• Pictorial Photo – David Samson, “Robin Tracks.”

• Portrait Photo – Michael Vosburg, “Louis Nordick.”

• Agricultural Photo – Dave Wallis, “Colorful Corn.”

• Health Care Ad – Sarah Hoseck, “Get your ‘Peepers’ checked.”

• Use of Color – Paula Pandey Chhetri and Dave Overland, “Family Camping Weekend.”

• Promotion of the Newspaper/Advertising – Paula Pandey Chhetri, “Freaky Festivities.”

• Promotion of the Newspaper/Readership – Adam Zavalney, “What has more eyes?”