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Dan Peterson, Fargo, Published May 11 2012

Critic of Lindgren story is ignorant

Ann Reilly’s disgust (letter, May 1) with The Forum’s article about Jon Lindgren was not only unwarranted but was made from pure ignorance.

First of all, she openly admits that she did not even read the article. That is not the best way to show you have a fully formed opinion. It is, however, an effective way to show that whatever viewpoint you have is based on reading a title. The article would only have taken a couple of minutes to read, and, after doing so, you would have realized that The Forum was not “shoving his views on us.” It was an article about a prominent figure and the effect of objectively examining his beliefs.

The fact that it was published in the Sunday edition was also a cause for concern to Reilly as “the majority of us are good Christians and do not want to read that trash.” The Forum is a newspaper (not a church pamphlet) and attempts to present the growing diversity of the area. The majority of us here may indeed be Christian, but not everyone is.

It never hurts a person to take a step back and realize that there are others who have completely different world views. Would Reilly be offended by an article on the Sunday front page describing how Islam had affected a Muslim family’s move to the area? Sadly, if she used the same reasoning she did in her letter to the editor, she would be.