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Monica J. Stich, Fargo, Published May 11 2012

Who determines formal complaint?

I would like to know what Fargo Police Lt. Joel Vettel considers a formal complaint. An article written by Helmut Schmidt stated: “Fargo police Lt. Joel Vettel said the department received no formal complaints about the (abortion) protest.” Maybe Vettel should have checked with dispatch before making that statement.

When I drove through the melee in the area of 25th Street and 32nd Avenue South in Fargo, I thought the distraction would never end. It went on and on with endless graphic displays. I was driving my car, and it definitely was a distraction. That in addition to making me physically sick. I pulled my car over as soon as I got clear of the horror fest and called the police.

Yes, the dispatcher had received other calls prior to mine. Yes, they were aware of the graphic displays being held up by protesters. No, there wasn’t anything they could do about it. The group was within their rights.

Rights? That is not what I would call it. A freak show, a horror fest, a shock attack, perhaps.

Freedom to do what? To nauseate drivers who happen upon the display simply because it’s on their route home? Freedom to frighten living, already-born children to the point where they cry and throw up? What a bunch of pathetic protesters. They should have been escorted out of our town (yes, our town) and told not to return until they could act more responsibly.

I certainly hope that Vettel at least did western North Dakota the courtesy of giving the city leaders a heads up of what was headed their way, so they might be alerted by the change in the atmosphere as the group approaches their town.

As small children vomit in the streets, as innocent pedestrians grasp their stomachs, as unaware drivers pull over and roll down their windows to grab some air as their breath is knocked out of them.