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By Scott Hennen, Published May 13 2012

The great moms make US greatest

To mark the 70th anniversary of the prestigious British Council – a UK based organization promoting the education of English – a unique survey was conducted. The council wanted to know, “What is the most beautiful word in the English language?” Over 40,000 people voted in 102 countries, and in the end, one word emerged as the clear favorite: the most beautiful word in the English language is “mother.”

Over the years, I’ve witnessed the women in my life (my wife, mother and mother-in-law) embody this standard of beauty. It’s difficult to put into words. We all have different ways to characterize what makes a mom, each reflective of the unique qualities of the women who’ve raised us. But for me, a mom fixes everything –from scraped knees to wounded relationships. Moms represent stability and solutions in a broken and unsympathetic world.

Right now, we need mothers more than ever. Our country is in peril and it needs fixing. There’s a political element in power that seeks to transform the values this nation was founded upon in the service of a liberty-destroying collectivist agenda. Contrary to the condescending narrative of the “motherhood doesn’t qualify as work” wing of the Democrat party, moms are indispensible in performing the hard work that needs to be done to restore our nation. SoI honor of all tea-party moms.

You wouldn’t have gleaned this from the media, but Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., is a successful businesswoman, a pioneering legislator, a brilliant legal scholar, a proud mother of five and a foster mother to 23 (and former presidential candidate, to boot). By all measures, she should be heralded by feminists as a shining example of female empowerment. Alas, the R at the end of her name makes her despised – instead of championed – by the hypocritical ideologues on the left.

When I think grassroots, I think Sarah Palin. Before she was on Fox News, she was presiding over city council meetings, earning her political stripes at the ground-level of municipal government. From these humble beginnings, Palin would launch a crusade against corruption and complacency in the good-ole-boys network within her own party, ultimately attracting the attention of then-presidential nominee, John McCain. As McCain’s VP nod, Palin used her celebrity status as a platform to reach out to disenfranchised conservatives everywhere, and to extol the dignity, worth and promise of children born with special needs.

From a rockstar hockey mom we turn to our own homegrown heroine – Janne Myrdal. An Edinburgh, N.D., native, Myrdal does it all. As state director of the Concerned Women for America in North Dakota, she fights tirelessly on behalf of the unborn. From leading prayer chapters to spearheading policy debates, Janne is a powerful voice in the grassroots community, and a fierce advocate for family values on the national stage. She’s also a former missionary of 12 years, a farmer’s wife, and a loving mother of three.

These are just a few profiles of great moms making a difference. We need more. Will you be one of them?

Hennen is president/CEO, Freedom Force Communications and host/chairman of Common Sense Club/Scott Hennen show.