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Carol Clancy, West Fargo, Published May 06 2012

Jon Lindgren article shocking and sneaky

I was shocked that The Forum chose to run a full-page headliner on Jon Lindgren’s religious beliefs (April 29). What purpose does that serve? After reading the article further, it became clear that it was in support of the freethinker group that he supports. What a sneaky way to open up the issues they are wasting their time and money to get changed.

Perhaps they should live in a country where there is no freedom, and soldiers walk around with guns in their faces. Then perhaps they would appreciate America’s freedom our soldiers have fought to give all of us.

The very name “Freethinker” shows they are hypocrites to their very own name. Doesn’t “free” mean freedom for all? So why are they continuously trying to get the commandment monument removed because they don’t like it? Well, how about the freedom of the others who do like it? If they don’t like religious things, then don’t look at them, but let the other people have their freedom of looking at them. Just what does freedom mean to these people?

I would think it would of been a whole lot more respectful to put the article of fallen soldiers on the front page; after all, they gave up their lives so all of us can have our freedom – yes, even those freethinkers who walk the streets taking advantage of the country’s freedom status.

It seems very clear what the priorities of our local newspaper are. Aren’t you supposed to remain neutral and supportive of the community as a whole? Now let us see a full-page headliner article on Christian beliefs.