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Jack Zaleski, Published May 05 2012

Zaleski: By the light of the silvery moon …

The moon won’t be completely full until tonight, but its pull seems to have influenced callers and emailers last week. Here is a sampling of the best of the lot:

The call was from a gentleman who lives near vast Devils Lake in northeast North Dakota.

“You are familiar with the lake, aren’t you? Used to live up here, didn’t you?” he said.

Yes, I said, for nearly 20 years.

“Then you know about the monster, the serpent in the lake,” he said.

Uh, well, I know about the legend of the monster.

“It’s no legend,” he said. “It’s real. I’ve seen it.”

Uh huh, I said, careful not to giggle. You’ve seen it? Really? And where was that?

“Oh many times, many times, right out from where I live on the main lake; you know the area. Mostly in the early morning, but sometimes at night. Big thing, it is. Big thing …”

Pictures? I asked. Do you have pictures?

After a long pause he said, “Well, no, not yet, but …”

No pictures? Anyone else see it? Anyone else have pictures? I asked.

“I sense you don’t believe me,” he said.

Got that right, I said.

He was calm. “I understand, but this is big, like our own Loch Ness monster, you know. Big, big …”

You get me pictures, I said, and we’ll talk again.

Haven’t heard from him.


“He’s poisoning all of us, you realize,” said the woman on the phone.

Who is poisoning us? I asked.

“Obama, the president and the Agriculture Department – his Agriculture Department,” she said.

Oh my, I thought. Another one. But I had to hear her out.

“It’s in our food,” she said. “They’re putting poison in all our food so that we stop digging into Obama’s citizenship and that scandal.”

So, you must be a “birther,” I said.

“Yes, I am,” she said, “but I don’t like that term because it’s like making fun of us. But you media people need to look into the food poison thing. It’s no joke. Very serious – very …”

Well, I said, we haven’t heard of anything like that. What is your source?

“Oh, a very good website,” she said. “Very good website.”

The name? I asked.

“Oh, it’s been taken down, probably Obama’s people,” she said. “But I’ll send you what I have.”

Looking forward to it, I said.

Nothing from her yet. Maybe she’s been poisoned by “Obama’s people.”

Have a nice week. Be careful. Full moon, you know …

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