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Alan Davis, Moorhead, Published May 04 2012

Radical Republican socialism has arrived in the Upper Midwest

Lately, many of my Fargo-Moorhead neighbors of all political persuasions have expressed outrage because radical GOP socialists from out of state are spending millions of dollars to attack moderates like Heidi Heitkamp, Amy Klobuchar and President Barack Obama. (See “National conservative group launches anti-Heitkamp ad,” Forum, April 29.)

Patriots like Heitkamp, Klobuchar and Obama have the backs of all of us who are conservative. Why are they under attack?

The GOP socialists have an agenda, of course. They want to gut Social Security and Medicare, weaken the rights of workers, let air and water quality deteriorate, blur the constitutional line between church and state, and keep women down so that they can give yet another tax cut (No. 143) to those who need it least. They are determined to redistribute wealth by taking benefits from the middle class, from women and from the poor.

To achieve this agenda, they are happy to disenfranchise voters, pass socialist laws that make it difficult for workers to organize, and rebuke women (unless they’re rich, and then it’s OK) who stay at home to raise their kids.

Like tens of thousands of other true conservatives in the Upper Midwest, I’m disgusted with these unethical actions and will vote straight Democrat this year. It’s the right thing to do. President Obama is the Ronald Reagan of our times. He has our backs. The Bush years of GOP socialism destroyed our economy and our confidence, but Obama has heroically brought us back. All conservatives owe him a debt of gratitude. He wants to do the greatest good for the largest number of Americans, while Mitt Romney and his fellow GOP socialists work 24/7 for the 400 wealthiest Americans.

In the Upper Midwest, we need senators and a president who represent all of us, not just the chosen few.