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Fauntel Deshayes, Moorhead, Published May 03 2012

‘Missionaries’ ignorant, hateful

I was disheartened on May 1 when I was driving to work and saw the group Missionaries to the Preborn carrying 5-foot signs of aborted fetuses on Main Avenue in Fargo. The group was spread down Main and had a man quoting Scripture with a loudspeaker to passing cars.

I was confused about the tactic behind this group’s message. Were they trying to rally up other pro-life supporters? Were they trying to condemn pro-choice supporters? Were they doing both of those things? They certainly couldn’t have been “ministering” to pro-choice supporters considering the way they approached the subject.

I had the opportunity to speak with one of the members of this group. I asked him if he thought what he was doing was hypocritical. He said it was not. I asked him what he thought of the verse, “He who is without sin cast the first stone” to which he replied, “I’m not casting stones.” I just stared at him as he held his 5-foot aborted fetus sign on Main Avenue. Really?

There are so many other ways to approach the topic of abortion. The tactic of holding signs, yelling Scripture, and implying those around them are ignorant is not the way to go. Hate spawns hate. Imagine if love had been what was proclaimed on the streets? It would have been more demonstrative of the Jesus I know from the Bible.

If the Missionaries to the Preborn were trying to make a point, they made one. The point is, they are the ones who are ignorant.