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Ken Koehler, West Fargo, Published May 03 2012

Horrific pictures are appropriate

While watching the news I saw some of the horrific pictures of dead babies resulting from abortion. Some of the people being interviewed were terribly upset that these pictures were being allowed to be shown in public. I too find these pictures very offensive. No one likes to look at these pictures because they bother our consciences – as well they should.

Pictures of aborted babies offend everyone because they show the reality of what we as a nation have allowed to be done to the most innocent and defenseless of all – our unborn sisters and brothers of the human race! What God designed to be the “sanctuary” of a mother’s womb is now legal to be invaded for the very purpose of killing her unborn baby. And to make matters even worse, nearly all of these intentional deaths are for reasons other than to save the life of the mother.

If a picture is so horrific that we can’t even stand to look at it, then we should have enough common sense to know that it’s wrong to be doing what the picture shows. It was pictures of the bloody, whipped backs and murdered bodies of slaves that helped end slavery. It was pictures of dead bodies piled up like wood in the death camps of Nazi Germany that helped awaken the consciences of the world, and hopefully, it will be pictures of precious little human girls and boys being torn limb from limb by abortion suction machines that will finally help awaken us to put an end to abortion.