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Cheri Keller, Dilworth, Published May 03 2012

Abortion images should be very, very disturbing

So the abortion protesters showed images disturbing to schoolchildren (and I would assume to anyone with a heart) and people are upset (front page, May 3 Forum). Are these same people not upset over the barbaric slaughter of the unborn whose mutilated little bodies are pictured on the poster? Those are real images, and if the sight of them is upsetting, then doesn’t that scream to you that abortion is a horrible atrocity committed against the most innocent and helpless of human beings?

I have often wondered what those who support the killing of the unborn say to their children when they question them about abortion. How does a woman who has felt the miracle of life growing in her womb, who has heard that tiny heart beating strongly and seen that little life on an ultrasound, justify the “choice” of murder? Is a wanted pregnancy a blessed event, but an unintended pregnancy simply a mistake to just get rid of?

All life is a miracle from God, deserving of our protection and respect. Those horrible images of those precious babies should upset you; they should tear at your heartstrings. After all, they are human beings, not merely the “products of conception” as the supporters of abortion so coldly and callously try to convince us.