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Bob Lind, Published May 02 2012

Lind: No sugarcoating it: Proper lefse etiquette one hot potato

We’re dealing with major issues these days, such as the economy and presidential politics.

But those matters are nothing compared with this really big one: the right way to eat lefse.

It all started with a story sent to Neighbors by the daughter of Bob Brown, formerly of Fargo and now of Canton, Conn., who, she said, was the one member of her family who eats lefse only with butter, while everyone else eats it with both butter and sugar. “He,” she said lovingly, “is so weird.”

That brought a response from a reader in Texas who defended Bob, saying he and his family, all of Norwegian ancestry, never ate lefse with sugar.

Well, Bob saw that note and now has written Neighbors that it helps “confirm what I have long known – (that) I’m the one in our family who is NOT weird.”

Well, hang on, Bob. Here’s more on the topic:

Mike Knudson, Mayville, N.D., writes, “Sugar? Sacrilege! Just butter, and the butter should be cold. Much more flavorful if you can just barely spread it.”

And Darrel Moe, formerly of Grafton, N.D., and Fargo and now of Rochester, Minn., writes, “Just read the column about lefse being eaten without sugar. Whoever heard of such a thing?

“Lefse is also good with sliced turkey and cranberry, without the sugar, that is. Lefse is a very versatile food.”

So the debate rolls on. Neighbors expects Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to weigh in on the issue any day now. They’re both Norwegians, aren’t they?

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