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Nathan Schultz, Fargo, Published May 02 2012

Perfect example of intolerance

In response to Ann Reilly’s May 1 letter to the editor, “No one cares about Lindgren,” all I can say is wow. This letter is a perfect example of some, not all, religious people’s backward and intolerant thinking.

First, I bet there are many “good” Christians out there who enjoy reading and hearing about other people’s beliefs, as it helps them think about and appreciate their own.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong with putting a story about religion, which is what the story was about, on the front page of the Sunday Forum. I am certain that a story about her religion would have been fine, but once someone disagrees with her, she feels the need to write a letter and complain.

And finally, I hope her question, “Is this The Forum’s stand on religion also?” was not taken seriously by anyone reading. You’ve written a story about a Muslim man in the past. Were you Muslim then and recently became a freethinker? There have been stories about communism in your paper. Is that you’re political view? No, of course not; you just tell about different beliefs and points of view, which is what any good newspaper does. But if it was up to the writer of the letter, you would stop doing that immediately.

By the way, she should read the article. It was because of some “good” Christians’ intolerant beliefs that Lindgren questioned his faith. The least she could do is have tolerance and respect for his belief. I’m sure he’d be willing to give that to her.