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John Wheeler, WDAY, Published April 29 2012

Weather Talk: Tough to pinpoint exact location of showers, thunderstorms

Spring brings smaller weather. Most winter weather systems cover vast areas with similar conditions.

But during spring and summer, weather is made by showers and thunderstorms that are sometimes only a few miles across. Forecasters are able to tell that showers or thunderstorms are likely to happen in the region, but we often do not know precisely when or where.

As a meteorologist who walks to work, I can often be seen carrying my umbrella on days when showers are expected in the region. This often causes people to shout clever things out their car windows, usually along the lines of, “Look, the meteorologist has his umbrella. Rain must be coming.”

Actually, the sight of a meteorologist carrying an umbrella does not guarantee rain where the meteorologist is. It is just that the meteorologist, not knowing precisely where the rain will be, is being careful to avoid being seen out in the rain without an umbrella.

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